The Supremacy

The Supremacy is the name of the interstellar empire forged by the humans and the artificial intelligences and machines they created. At it's height it consists of 15 billion colonies, with over 90% of these colonies being hive worlds with populations in excess of trillions.

The core foundations of the Supremacy is a human-artilect alliance.

The Artilects: Our greatest invention. An advanced form photonic organo-crystal technology super-computers, consisting of billions of networks mind nodes forming a gestalt entity. These constructs are vast mountains of crystal covering million of square miles, powered by artificial stars. They are built inhospitable worlds where humans rarely go. The largest is Mars Primus, and literally covers the entire surface of this once red planet. Others are know as 'dark-stars' and exist in deep space, massive artificial worlds. The computing power of an Artilect is vast beyond imagining, yet their greatest strength is their imagination. It is these artificial minds that unlock the secrets of the universe, of advanced science, and what humans dismissively call 'technomancy' for all science beyond human comprehension.

Habitats: the Artilect run the machines, and it is the machines that create the artificial habitats used in the colonies. Earth like worlds are very rare, and virtually all the know worlds are unsuitable for human habitation without drastic genetic engineering or adaptation and this is views as unacceptable. As such all human habitats are closed loop artificial ecosystems set to 'standard terrain' called Ecorium. Each Ecorium unit is a 300m cube and is often built underground (security). A world only need 1G gravity and an atmosphere pressure variable of 0 to around 20ATM and the machines will start covering it in Ecorium. Once build humans are shipped in.

Cyberocracy: The human government is a run on each world via the internet, with people voting on issues, and giving feedback to the Artilects on designs used by humans. All external security is run by the Artilects, but humans manage their own habitats based around clans/ tribes/ family groups.

Technology: The Artilects design and build all of humanity's technology.

above is a dyson sphere of machine workstations generating ships

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