Artificial Habitats

The AG will build on virtually any world with 1G (gravity), 0 - 10 ATM (atmospheric pressure) and temperature 2.7 - 473 K (Kelvin) or -270o - 200o (Celsius). The most important stat in this is 1G. The AG really wants worlds with 1G above all else, the chances are that any rock or planet with 1G in the Milky Way has an AG built human habitat built on it (the AG has broken these rules, it has build on Venus which has over 90 times the ATM of Earth).

Obvious on worlds with parameters far outside human tolerance are not suitable for human habitation in the conventional sense. Also as very few worlds discovered by the AG in the Milky Way are anything like Earth (and hence terraformed to bring into line), most worlds where humans could survive in the open the AG will not sanction as it will have a skewing effect on human evolution.

The AG gets around human frailty by building artificial habitats. Fully enclosed, hermetically sealed, artificial environments know as Ecorium (a form of Ecopolis).

Human run, self-contained habitats with full life support, food production and recycling. Each Ecorium is 300mx300m and supports 1,260 people for a population density of 9000-19440 sq/Km, but the density of 36,000-77760 sq/Km at three layers (180 floors) 1.2km in height is possible. Most Ecorium are deep underground and are nuke proof and immune to bio-attack agents.

Humans live a 'rural existence' within the Ecorium.

Many Ecorium are combined to form super massive Ecopolis. The AG Corp. via AG Comms. are infrastructure support.

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