The Infinity

The Infinity is everything. Literally. What follows is a rough outline of the Infinity.

The Infinity: is the power of creation, it contains everything and nothing, a paradox.

The base concept of the Infinity is that it contains 'infinite realities' all overlaid onto each other. This is our reality and an infinite number of alternate realities to ours. Each alternate reality, like ours, has infinite alternate realities too. Some alternate realities are very similar to ours, but as you jump from our closest alternate realities through to their alternatives, and then jump into their alternative realities etc. things become twisted. Moving through the cascade of alternate realities; each becomes progressively bizarre, and more and more extreme. Some alternate realities are nothing like our reality, as even the laws of physics are broken, and in realities the laws of physics do not exist at all, and even theoretically are 'nothing', or a bizarre new set of rules. There are untold trillions, upon trillions, upon trillions (carry on for an infinite number of times) of alternate realities existing here with us, in the same space, all around us. They are unseen as they are 'phased'. The Infinity houses all of these realities, it is the stuff that makes these realities, it is these realities and so much more.

Phased is a term to describe the state of an alternate reality in comparison to others. While all the alternate realities exist together, one can not see the other. For all intents and purposes they are invisible to each other, yet those that are very similar may affect others.

Variables: Out of all the universes like ours there is one 'perfect' Newtonian universe that runs like clockwork. Of this theoretically perfect universe there are infinite variations generated by the Infinity by tweaking the laws of physics. Some of these variations are slight, such as an alternate universe where one electron of one atom over the whole time frame of the universe has a slightly differently aligned orbit. One election. That's it. Imagine this happens for each and every atom ins the universe. Other variables are bigger, such as the electron variations being great enough to affect how an atom as a whole acts within the universe. Still only an atom, but a whole new alternate reality to allow for it. As you can imagine, there will be a staggeringly huge number of variables before we get to the current sci-fi idea of alternate universes where actions and decisions make an 'alternate reality' on a scale where people are doing different things and even change (changing events, is shifting a whole lot of atoms!)

Overlay: A human may think they are in the perfect Newtonian universe as first blush. This is not the case. Quantum mechanics put pay to that. Humans actually reside in the variations, and to make it even more complex, we actually span more than one of these alternate realities. In fact we span a number of alternate realities that is so vast, that many would think it infinite. We see more than one variation at once, and this explains some of the unusual behaviours we see at the quantum level. Over all, in the whole group of universe variants we see at once, they are all very similar. The atoms seem to all the acting in the same way, that is the atoms in all these variants are doing pretty much the same thing, yet the electrons and even smaller quantum aspects are not. Electrons wink in and out of existence, and appear chaotic. This is because at the electron scale that is far wider range of alternate realities overlaid, becoming blurry, but not enough to really affect or change the atom. However with an increase in energy you can get atoms act in unusual ways.

Heisenberg uncertainty principle?

- /The Infinity is all things. Everything and anything possible, is realised, and exists within the Infinity. All time exists within the Infinity all at once, yet there is no time. In regard to reality as we know it, think of the Infinity as infinite alternate realities, where each is set to a different phase, each invisible to the others, yet they all exist within./

- /The Infinity is a group name for infinite alternate realities. It really is 'everything', all things, all time, all possibilities, realisation and truly infinite. It is a paradox, where everything exists but so does 'nothing', where all time is at once yet it has no time, all possibilities realised along with it's own potential. It is confusing, but is because we are used to seeing a set universe, whereas the Infinity really is 'infinite alternate realities'./

Being truly infinite anything is possible. Therefore the 'Infinity' refers to the whole, to everything, and all these infinite alternate realities exist within the Infinity, the greater reality, and as such some realities are nothing like our own and beyond our wildest imagination. Yet all this is the manifestation of the Infinity, and there is an implied creative force underlying all of reality which can never be know of seen. It is sometimes referred to as 'Primal Creation'.

Now this may seem pretty standard sci-fi, but it's now time to drag it into the Twilight Zone that is Sciror and start messing with it all. Now you have an idea where this is all going, it time to start at the story at beginning...

In a time before reality primal creation reigned. Churning with the fury of infinite possibilities, time came to be, and with it primal chaos exploded into, and became, the first reality. Within the very fabric of this chaos patterns emerged as the forces are born. Patterns are bound into loops by these forces, energy, and the material universe comes to be.

The Beginning: In an explosion of transmogrified creation energy the Infinity brought forth the perfect ordered universe. Billions of galaxies each swirling with billions of stars: all orchestrated, set and bound, to precise rules. Newtonian mechanics. A Newtonian universe. Everything was predictable, everything followed a set order, cause and effect, with the inevitable end set down by the beginning.

In the theoretical physics of the Martian Artilects, this universe is referred to as 'the grand template'.

Variations on a theme: At the same time the Infinity had created infinite variations of this universe: almost identical, similar, different, extremely different and those at the point of collapse back into primal chaos. Half imagined universes where everything, even reality itself is mutable. The alternate universes that are 'near identical' could differ in only in a single vibration of a single atom at one point of the entire time frame of that universe. Other universe have altered rules of physics and some merged imagination with reality and danced to a whim. Infinite alternate realities.

Pyramid: It is believed by some, as postulated by the great Artilects of Mars, that the alternate universes are precursors and support structures that the grand architect used in creating the perfect universe. Rising from the primal chaos, each progressively binding reality and supporting the realities above, until the apex, the point of perfection and order is reached. Without them the perfect would be unstable. This is often imagined as a triangle, and this appears in some early human temples and burial sites, or as a circle with a point in the middle.

Humans: Our being spans more than one of these universes. As such we do not see a perfect Newtonian universe, we see untold trillions of these universe overlaid on top of each other, blended in our perception to form a composite reality of many component universes. The greater our perception the more we see, but we shall discuss the average while explaining here what is going on. The interesting things of our perception is that we are not in the middle, we do not centre on the perfect 'universe', our universe is not ordered, our universe is random. We predominantly reside in a group of alternate realities offset from perfection.

Reality as we know it: This is our reality, nearly Newtonian but with Quantum mechanics tugging in the under currents. This perception of reality, shared by most, is the assumed reality of science and it is the assumed reality of the sane.

Limited: Our perception of reality is limited, most tend towards the perfect Newtonian universe, but still see the randomness caused by the multiple realities. Not everyone is the same and some see more than others.

Tunneling: The unusual thing about the more extreme realities is that they can responded to will and be altered. Where a conscious mind that imagined can influence the extreme universe and as such alter the reality most see.

Notes – our reality can be altered if we see more, and can react with it. Psionics is going beyond what a machines and sensors can perceive as a human has deeper 'roots' some tunneling down to the Infinity itself.

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