Mythology Construction

Generally speaking, in Sciror, there are three classes of being;

This simple layout allows you place any being within this hierarchy.

It should be noted that a human that gains direct access to the Infinity is technically a 'god' and can grow exponentially in power. However, as humans are flawed they will likely generate they own demise, creating beings of power to rival their own (our dark side, Id etc.). Hence the Greek Gods had positive and negative sides, as modern monotheistic religions often have creative positive god and a destructive negative counter parts (devils in various forms).

If the foundation of humanity was a species that connected to the Infinity, and in the process created a god, they may have been very similar in mind to our consciousness. It may be that once there was a massive human empire that went 'pop' before, even the big bang may have been a result of this type of power.

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