Sciror is a 'generic setting' for WarSpike, a collection of ideas and concepts that are used as a foundation to build 'specific settings'. It is nothing new or radical, as in many ways it's the same as 'Warhammer' (generic setting) and '40K', 'Fantasy Battle', 'Blood Bowl' etc (specific settings), just as Sciror (generic setting) has 'Twistasy', 'Stare Into The Abyss', and 'Dark Pyre'.

As such the generic setting acts as a framework for the specific settings. As it deals with concepts, ideas, and 'information about information' it is called a meta-framework. Gamers can use Sciror as a foundation onto which they can pile Sciror concepts, background, and info blocks to create a wide variety of 'game worlds'. Each with a unique environment tailored to their tastes, yet remain compatible with the greater Sciror setting and WarSpike system.

In effect Sciror is as a massive 'sand box' to play out hypotheticals, where the specific settings can be seen as super-massive campaign scenarios based on a 'what ifs'. The scenarios include all the setting elements and background needed to run the hypothetical.

For example: SITA (Stare Into The Abyss) is a hypothetical where the psionic threshold for collective psionic manifesting is lowered, which leads to a Psyker epidemic, and the withdrawal of the machines (Artilects) from the Mars Accord in regard to worlds that fall into civil war - which leads to the loss of technology - but much post-apocalyptic adventure in a broken landscape of super massive Ecopolis!

Gamers are encouraged to build their own scenarios, to create new settings or expand scenarios. Sciror includes a lot of pre-built examples for anyone to pick up and drop into their game universe (specific setting), or even complete examples of game worlds. These concept blocks can be used 'as is' or messed about with to suit, as the expression of Sciror concepts is as variable as the interpretations of those reading them. What you imagine it when reading: is how it is! All tangents and inspired spin offs are fertile ground for a new setting.

For example: an Ecorium is a defined concept, but what it looks like is up to the person putting together the game world, and they can take what has been done by others, mess with it, or come up with their own take. Take a look at what Stefmanovic created: Modular Ecorium Blocks. Even when following the blueprints there is variation, and I image there are millions of ways to design the layout of the Ecorium. The consistent bit is the 'concept', and all the supporting material that goes into making the concept work. These concepts (and others), and supporting concepts and material, are defined by Sciror.

There are no limits to the extremes Gamers can go with Sciror (psionic manifesting takes the gloves off). Within Sciror Players can explore anything from hypothetical tactical simulations of 'hard sci-fi' using non-lethal riot-control weapons systems in an authoritarian state, full blown space opera, to fantasy. If you can imagine it, it can be done in Sciror. All the while, these worlds are overlaid onto the backdrop of Sciror with it's own associated mythos and horror lurking in the shadows. All worlds, no matter how extreme can be linked to Sciror - even other sci-fi like Doctor Who, Star Trek, Sapphire and Steel, Aliens, anything you can think of can be explained with, and shoe horned into, Sciror.

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